ATYPIC GUITARS offers you a collection of vintage and historical musical instruments.
On this website, you will find electric guitars to suit every budget, from the fifties to the nineties: German guitars (Höfner, Klira, Framus…), French guitars, Swedish guitars (Levin, Hagstrom…), Italian guitars (Eko, Welson, Catania…), American guitars (Gibson, Fender…), Japanese and Korean guitars… We also offer you some very uncommon guitars: Russian, Romanian or Bulgarian ones, among other things.

We also have a collection of classical and historical items, like the romantic guitars of Mirecourt, or Spanish and Italian guitars from the 19th century to date.

You’ll also find various other string instruments: violins, Neapolitan and Portuguese mandolins, banjos, cellos, double basses…

Finally, we present our electronics division: vintage synthesizers, amps, DJ turntables and home studio equipment.

All our instruments are checked and serviced, and some of them are restored by a professional team (instrument makers, studio musicians). Therefore, they are in perfect working condition and play fine.

This website showcases some truly unique instruments, sometimes handcrafted. You won’t have many opportunities to find them elsewhere.

We are constantly looking for unusual or peculiar instruments. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

All our instruments are securely shipped by professional carriers, while an insurance covers the transportation.
If something goes wrong, a refund is naturally foreseen. But out of our experience, for almost 10 years now, such problems occur very seldom.

We also put our experience at your disposal to appraise various ancient instruments. If you wish to have an old musical instrument appraised, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A TRAVEL THROUGH TIME, on the footsteps of our musical heritage.

Have fun looking out.

Didier Beeckman.