Carlo Foveri Liglio – Napolitan mandolin – rosewood and many decorations – Italy 1900 €980,00


Napolitan mandolin CARLO FOVERI LIGLIO


Napolitan mandolin CARLO FOVERI LIGLIO

Made in the early 20th century (1900-1920), in perfect and very rare condition for this kind of old mandolin: the neck is perfectly straight, so the action is very low and ready to be played in concert.

Everything is original:

Spruce top
21 sides in Rio rosewood (no Cites restriction -> instrument from before 1937 – i’ve got the expertise documents )
Table richly decorated with mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell (same as quoted -> no restriction / prohibition)

Original neck perfectly straight, to be used ONLY with thin strings , maximum format 008/22)

The back has been refinished, but in perfect condition.

The instrument is in excellent condition considering its age, some small signs of wear, normal for this age, it is extremely rare to find a mandolin from this period in this condition.

The instrument has a loud, bright, very reasoning sound.

The tuning machines are original but may lack precision, the only thing that may need to be changed for use in concert.

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