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HAGSTROM BJ12 “David Bowie” 12 strings 1968


Vintage HAGSTROM B12 – 12 strings “David Bowie” model

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The best 12 strings I have tested so far …

A very high quality vintage HAGSTROM , an iconic brand  from Sweden, made  at the end of the 60’s, the beginning of the 70’s (see serial number).
Produced by BJarton company.

Model BJ-12

David Bowie’s favorite model with whom he wrote most of his 70s / 80’s compositions.

The sound is powerful, warm, offers a lot of dynamics, its very “clear”. An ideal guitar for both rhythm and solos.

Nut width: 50mm
Body width: 410mm (Dreadnought Jumbo model)

The tailpiece is the Hagstrom  tailpiece with the lion logo, the bridge is adjustable, as well as the neck by a trussrod.

There are some traces of minor knocks and wear, it has been restored at the neck joint, but is in good condition considering its age. The neck does not move, it is solid (like the whole guitar)
Everything is original with the exception of the 6 ‘rods’ of the tuners (see photo), but also old Hagstrom parts from the 70s.

A real quality guitar, collector, very rare to find.

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