MARTIN-STAUFFER romantic 1850-1890


This is a beautiful MARTIN – STAUFFERfrom 19th century, transition period.


This is a beautiful MARTIN -STAUFFER  from 19th century, transition period.

This is a MARTIN neck , body is a STAUFFER

CF MARTIN was born in MARKNEUKIRCHEN and later work with STAUFFER in VIENNA.

This guitar date of transition peridod (1850-1890) before Martin made his common models and stamped on the neck or inside the body.
The label inside is a label of instruments gallery in England from 1830-1870.

It is a beautiful luxury guitar :

Solid spruce table
Solid Back & sides in Rosewood from Rio
Many decorations, inlays and mother of pearl around the hole and the table (see pictures)
Erigbones on the back like many MARTIN
The neck is like MARTIN 0017 ones.

This guitar has been restored by master Luthier and has no default. It is in very good conditions due to its age. See carefully the photos.
The diamond bridge is not original. There is no more label but some chararters are stamp inside the guitar.

A beautiful, unique and exceptional guitar for collectors and professional.

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