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The activities of the company as well as its informations are displayed on our website www.atypicguitar.com

The pieces of information available on the website www.atypicguitars.com are not comprehensive, and the pictures are not binding. They are given subject to change without notice since their online release. Furthermore, all the informations displayed on the website www.atypicguitars.com are provided for guidance purposes only, and are likely to change or evolve over time.

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The pieces of information available on this website are as accurate as possible, and the website is updated several times over the year, but it may sometimes contain some inaccuracies or omissions. If you notice a mistake or a failure of any kind, please e-mail us to tell us about it, at info@atypicguitar.com, and give a short description of the problem as precisely as possible (page with the problem, type of computer and browser used…).

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