CATANIA Sicilian concert mandolin with modern fretboard – made in 1900’s


Old napolitan mandolin CATANIA model


Old napolitan mandolin CATANIA model – made in Sicily , for playing in live

Marked with iron “CATANIA SICILE”,

Dating from the early 20th century – between 1900 and 1910

Concert fretboard adapted for modern playing (fretboard thicker than originally) special concert.

Spruce top
21 sides in Indian rosewood
Brass mechanics

Completely original except for the fretboard which has been re-adapted for live (see above)

Rich floral decorations in mother-of-pearl and celluloid, Art Deco

Bright, powerful, period “melodic” sound of a much higher quality than current sounds.

Apart from some traces of wear due to its age, the instrument does not suffer from any defect – ready to play, for professionals , collectors

A very beautifiul , greatfull sound and professional instrument !

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