SAZ – BAGLAMA Turkish electric Handmade – Dimarzio Pickup


Electric Turkish SAZ Handmade”

2 DiMarzio humbuckers

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Electric Turkish SAZ Handmade”

2 DiMarzio humbuckers

Quality instrument with rosewood sides, mother-of-pearl decorations (key markers and table)

tuning of the strings like violins (metal rollers)

There are 6 keys and 5 string anchors, which allows you to choose to split certain strings and therefore tune the instrument as you wish.

The pickups are all splittable:  on/off switch for each independent pickup (2Humbucker -> 4 independent pickups like single coil).

A professional concert instrument, old (must date from the 90s/2000s) rare.

2 joints of dimensions have been restored by a professional luthier, the instrument has been adjusted by this same luthier, some traces and small knocks, but instruments in good condition given its age.

It is currently mounted with 4 old strings

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